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The Surplus Server

The Surplus Server

The Surplus Server

DISC 525-1U Re-Writeable Optical Jukebox

Chemical Hoods

Laser Designs Model 3500 Laser Digitizer System.

Weather Proof Lighting

Andrew LDF4-50A Heliax Coax Cable

Andrew LDF5-50A Heliax Coax Cable

Andrew LDF7-50A Heliax Coax Cable

Andrew L5NF N Female Connector

Andrew HJ7-50A Heliax Coax Cable

Andrew VXL5-50 Heliax Coax Cable

Andrew 42396A-5 Kit of 10 ea.

Andrew 243684-M Compact Angle Adapter Kit of 10 ea.

Andrew SSH-78 Kit of 10 ea.

Andrew USAA Angle Adapter Kit of 10 ea.

Times LMR-600 250 Foot Length

Andrew LDF6-50 Heliax Coax Cable

Generic 400 Low Loss Coaxial Cable

Times LMR-400 Coaxial Cable

Times Microwave LMR-400 Connector Type N, Male

Times Microwave LMR-400 Connector Type N, Male R.A.

Times LMR-600 Coaxial Cable

Product Listing - Antennas-Coax

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

Johnny Carson Tape Set

Steam Tractor

John Deere Alarm Clock

Coral Calcium

Iraq Most Wanted Playing Cards

Emerson Switchboard

Rainbow Art

Weed Thrasher

Peel Away The Pounds

Ding King

Oxygen Charged Showerhead

Singing Bird Clock

Product Listing - As-Seen-On-TV

Verigood Blotting Paper 38 x 24 " 400M

DuPont Clysar Heat Shrink Film

Jiffy Padded Mailer 12 1/2 x 19" - Size 6

Shipping Tube 11 3/4 x 2 x 0.080

Pressure Sensitive Labels, 1.50"

Thermal Fax Paper, 8 1/2" x 320' 1" Core

Thermal Fax Paper, 8 1/2" x 98' 1" Core

Thermal Paper Roll 2 1/4" - 85'

Product Listing - Business-Supplies

Wyse Model 370 Color Terminal

Product Listing - Computer-Displays

Sony WDD-600 Optical Disk Drive

SciBit CD 2000 Advanced CD Server System

Gateway Rack Mount Dual Tape Drawer

Quantum DLT 7000 Tape Drive

HP Surestore DAT8 External SCSI Tape Drive

DISC 525-1U Jukebox

Sun 411 Case with CD-ROM Drive

Sun 611 Case with Exabyte 8505 8mm

Sun 411 Case for SCSI Hard Disk

Sun 911 Case

Sony WDA-E610 Juke Box w/WDD-600

Product Listing - Computer-Drives

Server Rack High Quality

Rack Rails Ball Bearing

Server Rack

Server Rack Low Profile

Server Rack Reduced Depth

Server Rack

Server Rack

Server Rack Deluxe Enclosed

Server Rack

Server Rack

Server Rack

Gateway Deluxe Server Rack

Portable Equipment Enclosure

Product Listing - Computer-Enclosures

APC Smart UPS 1400 Rack Mount 1400RMNET

APC Smart UPS 700 Rack Mount

APC AP9606 Web/SNMP Management SmartSlot Cards

APC Symmetra 16 KVa N+1 UPS System

APC AP9210 Master Switch Network Power Controller

Product Listing - Computer-Equipment

PowerFlor Raised Access Floor

Product Listing - Computer-Room

HP 92295A/95A Toner LaserJet II IID III IIID

HP 92295A/95A Toner HP Brand

Lexmark 1380200 Toner IBM 4019, 4028, 4029, WinWriter 600

Fiber Optic Cable 4 Fiber MIC Riser Rated

Imation 300XLP Data Tape

HP C5707A DDS-2 8GB Data Cartridge

HP 75A Toner Made By Xerox

Okidata 56106601 Drum Kit

Okidata 56116901 Drum Kit

Hewlett-Packard HP 51640A Inkjet Cartridge

Imation/3M DC2120 120 MB Data Tape

Product Listing - Computer-Supplies

Zurn Z-6000 3.5 GPF Flush Valve Kit

Zurn Z-6003 1.5 GPF Flush Valve Kit

Product Listing - Construction-Supplies

Birsch Bright Rinse Additive

Birsch Knock Out Food Service Cleaner/Degreaser

Birsch Super Bowl III Scullery Detergent

Product Listing - Dishwashing-Supplies

IFR A-7550 Spectrum Analyzer

HP 3562A Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Allen-Bradley PV-1200 PanelView

Product Listing - Electronic-Equipment

Laser Digitizer - LDI Model 3500

Roland PNC-300 Computer Aided Modeling Machine

Aperture Card Laser Film Plotter 3M Model 2950

Vidar TruScan 800 Wide Format Scanner

Mutoh XP-510R Intelligent Plotter

Stratasys FDM-8000 Rapid Prototyping System

Hewlett-Packard 7586B Pen Plotter

Hewlett-Packard Draftmaster RX Pen Plotter

Product Listing - Engineering-Design

Cummins 250KW Diesel Generator

Product Listing - Generators-Power

Elkhart Brass Valved Wye Model D-100-N

Product Listing - Hardware

Allied Formula 200 Heavy Duty Cleaner

Birsch Blue Knight Spray Buff

Birsch Blue Thunder Floor Finish

Staticide Anti-Static Eliminator

E.F. Johnson Expose II Phenolic Cleaner

E.F. Johnson Extraction Cleaner

Spartan BH-38 Butyl Base Cleaner/Degreaser

Alpha Tek Sewer Mud/Silt Remover

Product Listing - Janatorial-Supplies

StatSpin MP Multipurpose Centrifuge

Perkin-Elmer Packard Cobra II Auto Gamma

Beckman GenomyxLR DNA Sequencer

Savant RVT100 Refrigerated Vapor Trap

Spectra-Physics SP8773 XR HPLC Detector

Sorvall MT-6000 Ultra-Microtome

Savant SpeedVac SC-200

Perkin-Elmer Lambda 5 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

Cahn 25 Automatic Electrobalance

LKB 2297 Macrodrive 5 Constant Current Power Supply

Perkin Elmer GeneAmp PCR System 9600 Thermo Cycler

Perkin-Elmer ISS-100 HPLC Autosampler

Sony PC116 Digital Instrumentation Data Recorder

Bruel & Kjaer Sound Intensity Analyzer Type 2134

Fume Hoods

Product Listing - Laboratory

Ecolab Solid Surge Plus Detergent

Ecolab Solid Oxy-Bright Color Safe Bleach

Product Listing - Laundry-Products

Mail Sorter Docutronix Syste-Mail 2000

Product Listing - Mail-Sorting

VCI Paper Cortec VCI-146 Non-Corrosive Type I

Raywall/Markel 25KW Hazardous Location Heater

AMU Cylindrical CNC Grinder

Product Listing - Manufacturing

COBRA III Semiautomatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Galvanized Steel Strap 1 1/4 x 0.035 inches

Bama Pallet Conveyor Gravity System

Product Listing - Material-Handling

Beckman Synchron CX7

Zeiss OPMI-MD Surgical Microscope

Product Listing - Medical-Dental

Product Listing - Antennas-Coax

Product Listing - As-Seen-On-TV

Product Listing - Computer-Enclosures

Product Listing - Laboratory

Product Listing - Photo-Video

Product Listing - Photo-Video

Product Listing - Photo-Video

Product Listing - Printing-Equipment

Product Listing - Safety-Security

Product Listing - Telephone-Equipment

Sony EVO-9850 Hi8 Video Editing Deck

Sony EVO-9500A Hi8 Video Deck

Panasonic AG-6010 VHS Time Lapse Video Recorder

Panasonic AG-6740 S-VHS Time Lapse Video Recorder

Anton Bauer 8 Hour Quad

Black Box RGBS Video Switch

Cadco Agile Demodulator 375

Extron RGB 109 Computer Interface

Extron RGB 118

Extron Super Emotia

JVC BR-S605UB Video Recorder

JVC Color CCD Video Camera

Panasonic AG-7400 Portable S-VHS Recorder

Panasonic BT-S1900N Video Monitor

CLI Rembrant II/VP

Sachtler CF-100L Carbon Fiber Tripod

Sachtler Video 20 Fluid Head

Sigma CSG-365A Color Sync Generator

Sony BKU-905

Sony BRV-50 Remote Control Unit

Sony BRV-55 Remote Control Unit

Sony BVU-950 U-Matic SP Deck

Sony CCU-M3 Camera Control Unit

Sony CMA-7 Camera Adapter

Sony CMA-7A Camera Adapter

Sony CMA-8A Camera Adapter

Sony DXF-40 Electronic Viewfinder

Sony PVM-1342Q Color Video Monitor

Sony PVM-8220 Color Video Monitor

Sony SSM-14N1U Color Video Monitor

Videonics Video Titlemaker 3000

Extron RGB-118 Plus

Fujinon A16X9BERM-28 Broadcast Video Lens

Ikegami HDL-37 High Definition (HD) Video Camera

Heavy Duty Light Table

Tinsley Labs Stabilized 3 CCD Professional Video Camera

Sony PVM-8040 Color Monitor

Panasonic AG-6730 S-VHS Time Lapse Video Recorder

Product Listing - Photo-Video

HP 51642B Plotter Film 36" x 120'

Plotter Paper / Engineering Roll 36" x 300' HP 1050C, Others

H.P. Plotter Film Polyester 594 x 841 mm

Product Listing - Plotter-Paper

Gravure Cylinder - 90 centimeters

Standard-Horizon SPF-11 Stitcher Folder

Standard Horizon ST-20 Stacker

Standard Horizon HAC-15 Friction Feed Collator

Bostitch M-19 Stitcher

Interlake N3B 2 1/2H Heavy Duty Stitcher

Ryobi 3200PFA Offset Perfector

Multigraphics EP-867 Platemaker

Moore 1400 Form Seperator Decollator

Moore 3600 Form Detacher Imprinter

Standard-Horizon FC-11 Face Trimmer

Shanklin A-23 Automatic L-Sealer

Shanklin T-7XL Shrink Tunnel

TEC Web Dryer Furnace

Product Listing - Printing-Equipment

Book Banding 1.25" x 700'

Binding Combs GBC - 1" Black Retail Packaging

Binding Combs 1" Black Bulk Packaging

Tape, Gummed Paper 1"

Tape, Gummed Paper 1 1/2"

Product Listing - Printing-Supplies

Weather Proof Area Work Lighting

Perkin-Elmer/L3 X-Ray Scanner Linescan 210

Perkin-Elmer/L3 X-Ray Scanner Linescan 215

Perkin-Elmer Sentrie A T Metal/Weapon Detector

Vicon VC2820A High Resolution Color Video Camera

Blauer Police/Security Uniform

Cross-Cut Shredder SEM 5140C/3 High Security Level 6

Heimann 5030B X-Ray Scanner

U.S. Safety Supplied Mask Respirator

Thermal Imaging Camera Low Light Video

Perkin-Elmer X-Ray Scanner Linescan System 7

Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet

Corrosive Liquids Storage Cabinet

SpillDefense Spill Control Station

Product Listing - Safety-Security

Mosler GSA Rated Weapon Container Gun Safe

Mosler GSA Rated Five Drawer Container/Safe

Mosler GSA Rated Four Drawer Container/Safe

Mosler GSA Rated Two Drawer Container/Safe

Mosler GSA Rated Container/Safe

Product Listing - Security-Lockers-GSA

Tilt-A-Lift Fork Lift Service Lift

Bacharach Diesel Injector Calibrator CD-3

Product Listing - Service-Equipment

Sphag Sorb Absorbant 2 cu. ft. Bag

Sphag Sorb Absorbant 3 cu. ft. Pail

Product Listing - Sphag-Sorb

Lucent/AT&T ISDN 8510T

Lucent/AT&T ISDN 8520T

AT&T Merlin Legend 10 Button

AT&T Merlin Legend HFAI-10

Centigram AIP 120 Voice Mail System

AT&T/Lucent 7410 Plus Voice Terminal

Lucent/AT&T ISDN 8510T (Black)

AT&T Model 7406, with Display

AT&T Merlin Legend BIS-10

AT&T Merlin Legend BIS-22

AT&T Merlin Legend BIS-34

AT&T Merlin Legend BIS-74

AT&T Merlin Legend 008 Card

AT&T Merlin Legend 008 MLX

AT&T Merlin Legend 012

AT&T Merlin Legend 012 w/Ring Gen

Product Listing - Telephone-Equipment

Albion TComp Snap Gauge Set

Craftsman Premium Roll-Away Tool Cabinet

Product Listing - Tools-Tooling

Zeiss Surgical Microscope

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Panasonic AG-7400
Portable S-VHS
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AT&T Merlin
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Moore 3600
Form Detacher
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Sony PVM-1342Q
Color Video
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Moore 1400
Form Seperator
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