Laser Designs, Incorporated
Surveyor 3500 Laser Digitizer System

Laser Design Incorporated Model 3500 Digitizer

Computer Workstation

This Laser Designs Surveyor 3500 is in immaculate condition and was formally installed at the FBI Engineering Center in Quantico, VA. The above photographs are of the actual system which is currently offered for sale. It will handle parts as large as 30x30x24 inches and weighing over 600 Lbs. The scanning accuracy is 0.0005". The system has been upgraded with the GPI RPS-150 Line Sensor, for increased accuracy and a magnitude increase in acquisition speed. The system comes complete with computer workstation and Data Sculpt software for manipulation of scanned image files. This includes the ability to export directly to popular CAD/CAM systems including generation of machine path programs. The delivered cost of this system was over $250,000, as presented. The selling price and terms are negotiable.

For additional detailed information please see the following files in Adobe Acrobat format:

Get Acrobat Now! Data Sculpt Software Technical Description (8.9 MB)

Get Acrobat Now! RPS Linescan Technical Description (10.5 MB)

Get Acrobat Now! Installation Upgrade Announcement (231 KB)